MaBeee(operate by using smart phone) had new faetures !

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MaBeee had new features on Nov. 30, 2016.

0. Contents

1. What's MaBeee ?
2. What's new features of MaBeee ?
3. MaBeee was  born from this company.
4. Impression

1. What's MaBeee ?

MaBeee is a IoT product shaped like a double A battery.

You can use including a triple A battery in MaBeee and control the electric power.
Because operating MaBeee from smart phone via Bluetooth, you need exclusive applications.

These are supported both of iPhone and Android, but the version of the OS has to fill below.

・iPhone  … iOS8 or More
・Android … Android4.4 or More

Operating methods from smart phone have the following 6 modes.

①shake smart phone
②operate  buttons on the screen of smart phone
③operate angle of smart phone
size of voice
⑤distance between smart phone and MaBeee

The price of MaBeee … 4,980 yen(Tax not included)
Sale starting … August, 2016

2. What's new features of MaBeee ?

It includes the following description in quotation.
 (quotation : http://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=000000011.000016319&g=prt)

「The mode to control an illumination product of LED light was added newly.」

But, I didn't understand specifically these new features , so I tried download  applications in iPhone.

It's 3 points of below that I understood by downloading applications.
(※I don't have MaBeee, so it's guess.)

As shown in the following, There are two applications about MaBeee.
    ・「Mabeee - コントール -」(Japanese notation)
 ・「Mabeee - ライト -」(Japanese notation)
    ※Both of them are FREE.

② I suppose that 6 modes introduced by the above use 「Mabeee - コントール -」  .

③ I suppose that new features use  「Mabeee - ライト -」 .

In other words, 「Mabeee - ライト -」 seems necessary to use these new features.

It's 2 points of below that I understood by starting 「Mabeee - ライト -」 .

①operation of light has "waveform" , "brightness" and "speed"  .

②There is 4 kinds of waveform(「Flat」、「Sine」、「Square」、「Triangle」).

Because I can't operate MaBeee actually, the expectation is difficult, but  variations of light seems a lot.

3. MaBeee was  born from this company.

The company is NOVARS Co.
It's the new company established in April, 2015.

4. Impression

I didn't know MaBeee when MaBeee began to sell in August.

I think that it is interesting to adjust output of light by adjusting the electric power.

Using this principle, a capacity of an electric fan can also be adjusted slightly.
 And it seems to resolve "too strong" "too weak" problem.

I think  study and introduction  about IoT equipped car  will achieve automatic operation and driving support.

But there is a possibility that it's encroached on by a virus to connect with a network.
And a traffic accident may occur.
I thought it is important  We create the firm security as well as create IoT equipped car.

In, also now.

Thank you for seeing !

X. Reference

NOVARS Co. HP : http://novars.jp/
MaBeee HP : http://mabeee.mobi/
New Features Information : http://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=000000011.000016319&g=prt